Bug Camera Detector
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Model: WCD378

Counter intelligence, Anti-peeping tom device, Corporate security surveillance camera detector 

This small and compact unit can be carried in your pocket or purse for a quick sweeps of any area where you believe hidden cameras or microphones could be set up, including public restrooms, hotels, car, dressing rooms and gyms.


1) with automatic detection, the host to carry, at risk when there is eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, gps tracker. . . . . . Host will prompt your body automatically detects the danger.
2) has a signal strength indicator, to quickly find the source of the signal at
3) the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer can be adjusted (increased sensitivity to widen the detection range or lower sensitivity to shorten the detection range) radio power at faster to find.
4) Detection modes: a laser probe 2 vibration (silent) 3 beep detection probe detection 4.LED display 5. Headphone mute detection
5) low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery
Laser detection: host window can be seen through the eyes of all inside of the current situation facing the camera lens
Wireless Sweep: frequency detection range (1MHZ-605GHZ).


-Laser detection camera from 10cm-10m (visually recognizable red light flashing)
-Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10m (the decision to transmit power from the camera)
-500mw-200mw power in the detection range 30-50cm
-300mw-600mw power in the detection range 100-200cm
-Power at 800mw - 1200mw detection range 300cm-1000cm
-Size: 93x 48 x17(mm)

Package Contents:

1 x Bug Camera Detector
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x Manual

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