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model : WGM700

Features :

1) Remote control 
Recorded data can be accessed without contacting the controlled telephone end?
A Remote playback of record files

The number of any mobile phone or fixed-line telephone can be set as the control telephone end (master). 
Through a call from the master, the files recorded by the recorder at the controlled end (slave) through the mobile phone or fixed telephone can be remotely played back; moreover, next segments or previous segments can be played on demand, and any single file or all files can be deleted. 

B Remote copying of files (two telephone recorders shall be used together)
The files recorded by the recorder at the controlled end can be remotely copied. At the recorder of the controlled end, set the number of a fixed-line telephone or mobile phone as the control number. 
Connect another telephone recorder with the telephone at the control end. 
When the record files recorded at the controlled end are being played by the control end telephone, the data such as telephone numbers of incoming calls, 
calling time and voices of calls will be copied to the telephone recorder connected with the control end telephone. 

2) Local playback 
Recorded files can be played back by the unit even there is not a computer nearby?
Recorded files can be directly played back by the telephone recorder without connecting it to a computer. 

3) Recording data of specified numbers
Storage space can be effectively used?
Ten groups of specified telephone numbers can be set; only the calls of the specified numbers are recorded and the calls of the other numbers will not be recorded by the system.

4) Notifying the control telephone end
The information recorded at the controlled end (slave) will be known at earliest time possible?
When there is information newly recorded in the telephone recorder at the controlled end (slave), the system will automatically dial the telephone number of the control telephone end in 10 seconds after the information is recorded to inform the monitoring party that there is a new record at the controlled telephone end.

5) Automatic record overwriting in turn (with the function of protecting the data of specified telephone numbers from being deleted)
The storage space can be automatically cleared to facilitate recording with no need to turn off the recorder?
When the available storage space is lower than a certain value, the system will automatically delete some data in the used space and keep an available space for continuously recording, while the recorded data of specified numbers will be protected and will not be deleted.

6) Automatic answer
Calls can be answered and recorded automatically when nobody answers the call?
Message can be recorded in advance; when nobody answers an incoming call, 
the system will automatically answer the call and play back the message.

7) Time and number display 
Time of each recorded information and the telephone number communicated with the controlled end (slave) are provided to the user?
The time displayed for the record files includes year, month, day, hour, minute, second and total duration. 


Bit rate of voice data: 64KBPS
Voice format: MP3/ADPCM
Format of calling number display: FSK/DTMF
Detection of outgoing calls: DTMF
Security: 6-figure user password
TF card capacity: Maximum 2G; about 37 hours of conversation can be recorded in 1G
File system: FAT32
Power interface: 5PIN USB
Power supply: 4.5V-5.5V , 300mA
Power consumption: Recording: 56mA; Data transmitting: 36mA;
Stand-by loss with card: 500uA; 
Pop-up of TF card: 50uA
Battery specifications: 4.2V—1000mAH
Battery life: About 7 hours for recording and 8 hours for playing
Time for full charge with external power supply: 5 hours.
Electromagnetic compatibility: Accordance with FCC standard
Operating environment temperature: -10~60?
Operating environment moisture: 20%~80%
Size: 72mm*49mm*26mm
Weight: 0.50kg

Package Content:

1 x Telephone Recorder
1 x USB cable
1 x USB interface power
1 x RJ11 telephone line
1 x Remote control
1 x Manual
1 x CD

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